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When a restaurateur tells you “we don't sell food, we sell memories” …it does get your attention. What could another Seafood Restaurant offer that is so different you ask yourself?

We caught up with Shaun Cross and Steve Christodoulou, entrepreneurs, good food aficionados and proud owners of the new Jack Salmon Fish & Grill (which is opening at Tiffany’s Shopping Centre later this month) to find out more about the “eating experience” that is coming to town.

Tell us a bit about The Jack Salmon Brand?

All our friends and visitors always kept asking us where they could go for a decent, fresh seafood meal. We really didn't have anything exceptional to recommend. Jack Salmon was born and we opened our first restaurant in Glenashley, Durban about 18 months ago, it was an instant hit. 

“ Food that is exceptional, we are not offering a run of the mill restaurant, we don’t sell food, we sell experiences.”



What can we expect from the Jack Salmon Menu?

The Jack Salmon Fish & Grill Menu was put together by one of Sydney’s most respected chefs and possibly one of the finest seafood chefs ever to step onto the African continent. You can expect innovative, fresh and a focus on unique preparation. The Jack Salmon Fish & Grill Menu also includes high quality Sushi as well as a variety of steak and chicken grills for those without a palette for fish

The focus of everything is about food, drink and conversation. A relaxed fine dining experience.

Why Salt Rock?

The Ballito and Salt Rock area has a lot of competition in the restaurant business already, but Jack Salmon is different and we believe it is a vibrant, growing community who will really take to what we have to offer. There is simply nowhere in the area that offers great, exceptional food the way Jack Salmon does!

And there you have it, something to look forward to, a meal that will leave you with memories, I was still not 100% convinced, so decided to do some sniffing around online, I’m now convinced.

The Eat Out Magazine describes Jack Salmon Fish & Grill as:

Durban’s best seafood-only restaurant. Quality, super-fresh seafood any time. Best for a lazy, long lunch. Stand-out dishes: chargrilled tuna with a dressing of lime, coriander, mint and hint of chilli; local black mussels steamed with wine and a Napoli cream sauce with a touch of chilli; and poached Norwegian salmon

Exceptional critics reviews and empathic five star user reviews, I think I want to book my table already!

For more information and enquires contact Shaun Cross on

Tel: 083 604 8792 or 032 525 4243

Or visit